1. A.S. (Dayton, OH)
    "I had a great experience with Golden Retriever Companions! My puppy had a great transition home and continued training very smoothly. She is such a gentle pup with the best playful personality. All of my questions were always answered quickly and I was given all the information needed to make bringing home a puppy as least stressful as possible. Thanks for giving me my furry best friend!"
  2. T.B. (Winter Springs, FL)
    "We love our English Golden puppy from Golden Retriever Companions! This dog has the best temperament of any dog we've ever had. The whole experience to purchase the puppy was awesome. Great people, highly recommend." "Molly is truly the best and smartest dog we've never had!" "So in love! ❤"
  3. E.R. (Midlothian, VA)
    "I just want to thank you again for the best pup! Pancake has transitioned beautifully to our family! She eats great, has hardly any accidents and sleeps almost through the night already! We could not have asked for a better puppy experience! I wanted you to know that however you raised her you did a great job...and we so appreciate your hard work!" "Pancake truly is a joy and the best girl! She is social with all dogs and nothing scares her and she is the best with the boys climbing on her and messing with her!
  4. K.B. (Brazil, IN)
    "Thank you for the wonderful puppy! We had a wonderful experience purchasing our puppy from Golden Retriever Companions. He has a wonderful personality and was easily trained because of all the work they did during the first 8 weeks."
  5. K.B. (St. Henry, OH)
    "Our decision to purchase a Golden Retriever Companion was sealed by the amount of thought and care that was put into breeding pups with kid-friendly temperaments. We were novices with bringing a puppy into our home. The guidance provided was SUPER helpful and their patience with our many questions was great. We look forward to making memories with Blue!"
  6. C.V. (Knoxville, TN)
    "Golden Retriever companions gave me my first puppy. Dunkin has been an absolute treasure. While it’s a whole new world for me, I wouldn’t trade him for the world. They were helpful, kind, and my experience was amazing. Thank you so much!"
  7. G.H. (Cincinnati, OH)
    "Things are going very well. Steve is a very smart and well behaved young man. Loves Jameson and his [dog] “sister.” "He is doing fantastic. Is by far the smartest puppy I’ve had and is sweet to the core. Smart, well behaved, easily house trained and attentive. Is now 35 lbs. and, per our vet, is in perfect shape."
  8. H.S. (Nappanee, IN)
    "Peyton wasn’t sure about Elijah [18 month old son] when we first brought him home, but as you can see, they have become best buds! This is a pretty common happening at our house! Particularly at nighttime when they are both tired, we often find them snuggling on the floor!"
  9. L.H. (Lewis Center, OH)
    "While researching English Cream Golden Retrievers, we came across the Golden Retriever Companions website. We appreciated what we read about the health testing that was done prior to breeding their dam, Cadence, as well as the sire for the litter, to ensure healthy puppies. We also liked the care and work they put into socializing the puppies with adults and children, providing sound conditioning and so much more. We felt fortunate to have found their website at a time when a litter was expected! We gladly placed our deposit and waited with excitement. Once the puppies were born, we were given updates on how they were developing, as well as an open invitation to visit the puppies at any time. Each visit we made confirmed we had made the right choice of breeder! We brought our new addition home in early July, and she has settled in beautifully with our family and her two fur sisters. Our family highly recommends Golden Retriever Companions to anyone looking to add a beautiful golden retriever puppy to their family!"
  10. M.G. (Dade City, FL)
    "Best experience and puppy far exceeds my expectations. I reserved a puppy long before it was even conceived. Kendra kept me posted every step of the way. They did all the puppy preparation including sound, water, textures, kids etc. This was invaluable for me as we flew home on a plane and my puppy had no problem! In Florida we have terrible thunderstorm, my puppy was prepared thanks to all the previous work done by golden retriever companions. My next dog will definitely be a Golden retriever companion puppy. I totally recommend them to anyone who wants a wonderful golden retriever." "Beezie is doing great! Best puppy I have ever had, EVER! Thank you."
  11. T.S. (Norwalk, CT)
    "He is the most awesome, loving dog in the world."
  12. C.K. (Olmsted Falls, OH)
    "I got a male puppy from Cadence's 2nd litter. I was impressed by this breeders thoughtful socialization in the early weeks & the great communication I received before I picked up my puppy. Although this is my 1st English Cream, I have raised a fair number of puppies in my life & Boulder has been exceptional. I'm sure much of that can be attributed to his individual personality, but he is confident, laid back & catches on to my cues very quickly. I have never had a puppy do so well in a crate as he has from the very first night we had him. He is 15 weeks now & a very much loved member of the family! I wouldn't hesitate to get another dog from this breeder!"
  13. R.S. (Gahanna, OH)
    Coming Soon!
  14. M.H. (Fall Creek, WI)
    "Bronn is the best decision I've ever made!"

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