Reserve your new companion in 3 simple steps!
Submit Puppy Request
To reserve your new companion, begin by submitting your contact information to below.  By submitting this form you are not required to pay a deposit. However, realize your puppy is not held until a Purchase Agreement (below) is filled out & Deposit is made.

Step 1

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Email your Purchase Agreement
Fill out the highlighted parts of the Purchase Agreement (linked below), and email a copy to us at [email protected]  You will recieve a completed hard copy of this at the time of pick up.

Step 2

Purchase Agreement
Make your non-refundable* $500 Deposit
Litter picks are determined by the order we receive your deposit (IN HAND).  
You can choose to make this via PayPal (linked below) imediately, or via Cashier's Check/Postal Money Order and mail it to us, or you may make this payment in person with CASH. 

* Click on the "Purchase Agreement" button in Step 2 (above).  Within the purchase agreement, you'll see the exceptions to this.

Step 3

Cashier's Check
Postal Money Order