​​​​​​ All pups  from this litter have been  reserved...
Our NYE litter has arrived! Our english cream type golden retriever puppies will be ready for their forever homes at 8 weeks (End of February 2019).  We have families from all over… FL, AL, TN, VA, KY, WI, NY, CT, IN, & OH! We have a variety of options for pick up / delivery if this is little further than you prefer to travel.
Puppies will come with Limited “Pet” AKC Registration Papers, and will have been Microchipped, Vet-checked, Dewormed, & Vaccinated.  They will have been Immune-Boosted in multiple ways, fed a Healthy Diet, "Super Dog” Trained, & Sound Socialized!
Our Puppies are raised at our home & handled many times throughout the day by us, and our young children.  Our ultimate goal is to provide our forever families with the best puppies possible. This means introducing our puppies from day three to countless sounds, volumes, textures, animals, stimulations, experiences and fun through early neurological stimulation “Super Dog” training developed by the U.S. Military Canine Program.  Some of the documented benefits of this are: Improved cardio vascular performance, Stronger heart beats, Stronger adrenal glands, More tolerance to stress, & Greater resistance to disease.  

Also, to create calm and confident dogs, we prepare our puppies for everyday life by conditioning them to many sounds (like fireworks, thunderstorms, kennels, etc.) during their most critical growing period starting at just three weeks of age. 

Puppies are started on a healthy diet of Life’s Abundance Premium All Stage Dog Food & Karbo Powder, an excellent immune booster.  At 6 weeks of age, they are also started on an excellent daily supplement, NuVet Plus, an immune booster to give your new companion optimal health.
Each puppy is sent home with a small bag of Life’s Abundance Premium All Stage Dog Food and a “Puppy Folder” complete with all follow up paperwork including AKC Registration Form, Microchip Registration Information, Vet Record, & Puppy Culture's "Puppy Fitness" Booklet with age-appropriate exercise guidelines.  

Once reserved, we'll email you a detailed report with suggestions on how to Prepare for, Care for, & Raise your new puppy.  AND you can watch your puppy grow from afar as we email you "Week by Week Updates" and post weekly photo albums/videos!

Health & Medical
Training & Socialization

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Litter Reservations
(updated 1.10.19)

Female #1  RESERVED
Female #2  RESERVED*
Female #3  RESERVED
Female #4   RESERVED

Male #2  RESERVED*

*Upgraded to Guaranteed 1st Pick Female or 1st Pick Male

Cadence & Timber​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Mother (Dam):
Cadence is our family-raised AKC  english cream golden retriever companion.  She has such an awesome laid-back temperament; she is extremely calm & mellow, even when our one-year-old twins flop their bodies all over her!  

She weighs just over 60 pounds and has a beautiful, light golden coat.

She has had extensive health testing done... 

She has all her preliminary clearances for Heart , Elbows , Patellas through Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).  

PennHIP also rated her Hips in the top 30% in the world at the time of testing. Right DI: 0.24 and Left DI: 0.48!!

She is clear of these common genetic disorders (by parentage) as well: Ichthyosis, PRA1, PRA2, PRA-prcd.  

Cadence has an impressive  pedigree  loaded with Champions!

Father (Sire):
Timber is a family-raised AKC english cream golden retriever as well.  He is a very sweet boy with an excellent temperament; a gentle giant! 

He weighs 95 pounds, large, bones, and has a beautiful, very light golden coat.  

Timber has had extensive health testing done too…

He has fantastic hips!  His Hips are in the top 10% of Golden Retrievers in the world at the time of testing by PennHIP. Right DI: 0.38 and Left DI: 0.23!! 

His Eyes are cleared by a certified ophthalmologist. Heart is cleared by a certified cardiologist.

AND he is clear for all 160+ Genetic Health Conditions tested, including Ichthyosis PRA1, PRA2, PRCD, DM, & MD!   

Timber (Int. CH. Timber of the Shenandoah) is also an International Championship with IABCA, and has had rave reviews from judges from around the world! ...Timber is the WHOLE PACKAGE!!  

Here's sweet Timber's pedigree!

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"This whole group of pups have the best personality I have ever seen! You do a great job with the pups from the day they are born till the day you send them to their new families!"

-Wendy Simpson (Dayton, Oh)

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Puppies​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ {from Cadence's previous litters}

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